Jenny Wakeman

The Teenage Fembot

Real nameXJ9
SpeciesHuman (in robot form)
Favorite foodIce Cream (pilot only)
Favorite colorBlue
JobsRobot, Teenager
Favorite cartoon characterThe Powerpuff Girls, Bloo
HobbiesHanging with friends, reading, relaxing
SidekicksBrad and Tucker
Relatives & friendsNora Wakeman (Mother), Brad and Tucker, Pablo Penguin, Tyrone Moose, Uniqua Whatever, Tasha Hippo, Austin Kangaroo, Sheldon Lee
Rivals & enemiesVexxus, Dr. Locus, The Crust Cousins (sometimes)
Quote"The name's Jenny!!"

XJ9 is the main protagonist from My Life as a Teenage Robot.

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