Super Mario is one of the famous characters from Nintendo. He debuted in 1981 starring in Donkey Kong, and in 1985 starring in Super Mario Bros. He is now available on where you could download these links for free.

Mario and Luigi in Default Actor Versions.

v3dmm DownloadsEdit

[v3dmm Actor - Mario (Default Actor Version) (449 KB)]

[v3dmm Actor - Luigi (Default Actor Version) (710 KB)]

[v3dmm Actor - Mario (entitled "Super Mario") (631 KB)]

[v3dmm Actor - Luigi]

[v3dmm Actor - Princess Peach]

[v3dmm Actor - Princess Peach (Default Actor Version)]

[v3dmm Actor - Bowser]

[v3dmm Actor - Donkey Kong]

[v3dmm Actor - Toad]

[v3dmm Actor - Toad (Newer Version)]

[v3dmm Actor - Yoshi (Quake 2 Model)]

[v3dmm Actor - Yoshi (Modern Version)]

[v3dmm Actor - Luigi (Updated Version)]

[v3dmm Actor - Wario]

[v3dmm Actor - Shy Guy]

[v3dmm Actor - Waluigi]

[v3dmm Actor - Koopa Troopa]

[v3dmm Actor - Goomba]

[v3dmm Actor - Mario 64]

[v3dmm Actor - Luigi 64]

[v3dmm Actor - Bowser 64]

[v3dmm Prop - Mario Kart Characters]

[v3dmm Prop - Thwomp]

[v3dmm Prop - Mario's Head]

[v3dmm Prop - Peach's Castle Exterior]

[v3dmm Prop - Peach's Castle Interior]

[v3dmm Actor - Dry Bones]

[v3dmm Music - Super Mario 64 Music Pack]

[v3dmm Prop - Mario Kart Remote Control]

[v3dmm Actor - Boo]

[v3dmm Actor - Mario (with F.L.U.U.D.)]

[v3dmm Actor - Mario Sprite Pack (Based on Super Mario All-Stars)]

[v3dmm Prop - Mario's Hat]

[v3dmm Prop - Luigi's Hat]

[v3dmm Prop - Super Mushroom]

[v3dmm Prop - Starman]

[v3dmm Actor - Toad (Default Actor Version)]

[v3dmm Actor - Princess Daisy]

[v3dmm Actor - Rosalina]

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