Ren Hoek
Ren the Chihuahua

You eediot!

Real nameMarland Hoek
SpeciesAstmuha Hound Chihuahua
Favorite foodHog Jowells
Favorite colorRed
Past jobsBell Boy,President Of Stimpys Fan Club,Weiner Baron,Lint Farmer,Atomic Plant Factory Worker,Space Comander,Beef Cake Model.... It Goes On
Favorite cartoon characterEl Tigre
HobbiesBeating On Stimpy,Collecting Used Celeberty Underwear, Collecting Petrifed Dinosaur Droppings,Collecting Opera Records, Collecting Rare Virus and Diseases
Relatives & friendsSven Hoek(Cousin), Chuck(College Bully), Powdered Toastman, Rocko, Spunky, McZee
Rivals & enemiesMuddy Mudskipper, Filburt, Heffer, Ickis, Krumm, Oblina, The Gromble, XJ9
Quote"You eediot!", "What eez it man?!", "Where is that stupid cat?"

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