3dmm Screenshot of Rayman.

SpeciesImaginary Human
Favorite colorPurple
HobbiesProtecting the great Protoon
Relatives & friendsGlobox, the Bubble Dreamer, the Teensies, Ly
Rivals & enemiesMr. Dark
Quote"No problem!"

Rayman is a titular character and the main protagonist of the Rayman series, created by Ubisoft. He is limbless and attacks by throwing his fists (although he shoots lums in Rayman 2 and M). First appearing in 1995, Rayman debuted on the Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, Saturn and MS-DOS in Rayman where he had to defend his home from the clutches of Mr. Dark.

v3dmm DownloadsEdit

v3dmm Actor - Rayman (1 MB)

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