"Prepare to be petrified!"

Favorite foodGarbage
Favorite colorPurple
Favorite cartoon characterUltra Monster
HobbiesScaring, bowling
SidekicksKrumm and Oblina
Relatives & friendsSlickis (Father), Grickis (Grandfather), Krumm, Oblina, The Gromble, Bradley
Rivals & enemiesZimbo, The Snorch, anyone who is a human, except Bradley.
Quote"Prepare to be petrified!", "I feel dangerous.", "We scared the pants off them!"

Ickis is a male magenta monster, voiced by Charlie Adler, and is one of the 3 main characters of Aah! Real Monsters. He is the son of the legendary monster Slickis, known for his highly praised scaring talents. However, Ickis is commonly mistaken for a rabbit by humans. Concequently, he doesn't scare very well, and is looked down upon by his teacher, Grumble. He is neurotic, and over reacts often, making him easy to tease. Ickis has the ability to loom, which makes him grow tremendously in size and become scarier, and is the way that Ickis scares humans. His friends are Oblina and Krumm, two other monsters. Ickis goes to Monster Academy, an institute where monsters learn scaring fundamentals that are used on humans. Monsters eat things that humans normally find revolting, as he and the other monsters are usually seen eating garbage at the dump located directly above the Monster Academy.

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