Doraemon 3DMM

Doraemon is a gadget cat from the year 2112 and is one of the main characters in the "Doraemon" franchise (though he isn't the real main character). Throughout the franchise, Doraemon often lends his gadgets to different characters which usually leads to catatrophe. He also serves as a guide to his friend Nobita and tries to teach him lessons in order to help him have a better future. Voiced by Nobuyo Ouyama.

The character itself is a Japanese icon and is in real-life, the ambassador for Animation in Japan. The character first appeared in the Japanese version of 3D Movie Maker, thus meaning only Japanese 3DMMers could use him. Until 2003, when Frankie Weindell created the Doraemon Expansion for all 3Dmmers, even including an English patch for said expansion.

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