Chief Wiggum
Real nameClancy Wiggum
Favorite foodDonuts
JobsPolice Officer
Relatives & friendsSarah Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum

Chief Wiggum is the head of the police in "The Simpsons" universe. He is overweight,unfit (he can't even keep up with Homer Simpson) and the textbook example of a corrupt police officer. He is the father of Ralph Wiggum. He can often be seen partoling the area with his assistant Lou or eating at a restuarant (whether it be Krusty Burger or even Augustin Burger). The character was made into a vxp expansion for 3D Movie Maker on 17 May 2014.

V3dmm DownlaodsEdit

[v3dmm Actor - Chief Wiggum (1.72 MB)]

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