• Pizzatime64

    Guys i wanted to know how to make 3dmm expansions and mods,for example actors and stuff can you please tell me how?

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  • KateAshbySeries

    Why not download The Modern installer of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, special thanks to Jayrod:

    3D Movie Maker Modern Installer (291 MB)

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  • Mystery O

    In 2013 3DMM user: Eukos created a utility called the "3DMM Paletterizer" and offered it for download for a while. At this time he also wanted to use his website to make a new uploader for This came to an end when his service provider took down the entire website due to it apparantly being against policy. With the original version of the website gone, the Paletterizer disappeared as well.

    The utilty itself was useful due to it converting texture's for 3DMM's 256-color limit easily. Even though there is a possibility that Travis might complete the new render (which would eliminate this limit), I feel that the paletterizer should be reuploaded to on the mods page. If anyone still has it, then they should upload it to 3DMM.c…

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