Associated Production Music, LLC (commonly known as APM Music ) is an American production music company headquartered in Hollywood, California, was initially a joint venture between Zomba/Jive and EMI (which now are owned by Universal and Sony/ATV, respectively). APM Music's catalog contains more than 685,000 tracks[1] and its libraries include KPM Musichouse, Bruton, Sonoton, Cezame, Hard and Kosinus, among others.[2] Music tracks from APM Music are used in TV shows, films and commercials, including GLOW, This is Us, Westworld, The Americans, Stranger Things, Atlanta, Game of ThronesSpongeBob SquarePantsThe Ren & Stimpy ShowNCISHouse of CardsTransparentLady Bird, Mudbound, The Disaster Artist, The Big Sick, Icarus, and The Shape of Water.

v3dmm DownloadsEdit

v3dmm Music - Ren and Stimpy Music Pack (Part 1) (26 MB)

v3dmm Music - Ren And Stimpy Music Pack (Part 2) (30 MB) 

v3dmm Music - Spongebob Squarepants Music Pack (15 MB)

v3dmm Music - Dick De Benedictis Music Pack (54 MB)

v3dmm Music - APM Music Collection 1 (33 MB)

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